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Austin is a distinguished attorney from Chicago who has transcended his legal roots to become a sought-after international model based in the fashion capital of London. His jet-setting lifestyle takes him across the globe, modelling for leading menswear and luxury lifestyle brands.

Prior to his modelling debut, Austin was the director at one of Italy’s most renowned bespoke tailoring houses. This unique fusion of legal acumen and fashion expertise has given him a distinctive professionalism and styling skill set that sets him apart in the competitive world of modelling.

On camera, Austin effortlessly exudes sophistication, elegance, class, and aspiration. Whether he's walking the runways or appearing in international publications, Austin's commanding presence and refined aesthetic leave an indelible mark.

His journey is a testament to his ability to seamlessly navigate diverse worlds, showcasing a depth of character that extends beyond the confines of traditional career paths. Austin's story is not just one of a model but a narrative that embodies the fusion of intellect, style, and global influence.